Michael Lorenzo Fiorentino Gutierrez - Lead Game Designer

Michael is our team leader and sets the road map for the team to follow. 

Previously in a management role at Facebook and 'tbh', he is a versatile individual 

who enjoys interacting with all members of the team on a daily basis.

Samuel Hall - Lead Programmer

  Sam is a talented and experienced programmer based in the UK. He leads the development of our combat, combat animation and other technical aspects of Adonis.  

Emily Andrews - HR Director

 A graduate of The University of Texas at Dallas, Emily previously worked with Michael at both Facebook and 'tbh'. Emily is at the head of our Human Resources department and is also directly involved with community relations. She truly looks out for everyone on the 

team and everyone in our community.

Carlos Velez - Head of Community

 A graduate of UCI and an avid gamer/Esports enthusiast, Carlos is critical to the development of our community 

and support systems. In addition to his social skills, he brings a high level of detail and ingenuity to the team. 

Alex Bay - Online Gameplay Administrator

 Alex has experience with a multitude of MMOs and serves as Head Game Master for our North American servers. Alex assists with both social and technical server issues.

Kameron Bennett - Director of Communications

 Kameron facilitates communications between the development team and community team. Additionally, he is involved with our support system and other community aspects of Adonis.

Cameron Rogers - Creative Consultant

A graduate of Cal Arts and a previous employee of Konami, Cameron is a respected member of the gaming industry. 

He brings an extremely unique, yet realistic insight to our team.

David Conta - Assistant Director of NA Server Operations

David has worked with Michael on other UE4 related projects as well as the FragMania CS:GO client (& various other CS:GO projects). He brings a myriad of online experience to the team.